Lives of the Obscure - Deathfete EP

Deathfête EP by Lives of the Obscure

With "Sins Like These", who needs virtues? Ok, sorry, just me trying to be clever with the opening track title. Based out of Hudson Valley, NY, Lives of the Obscure are off of Glacial Records (with fellow label-mates Winterlong) and are attempting to warmly introduce themselves through their upcoming release, Deathfete 7". It looks as though they have succeeded. Coming in at a little under 10 mins, Lives of the Obscure pack a remarkable amount of material into an EP bursting with nagging enthusiasm.

As stated, the EP opens with "Sins Like These", which draws the listeners with it's elegantly stumbling percussion and lyrical authenticity which begs the comparison of Medications. Taking a meandering pace, the song has a hauntingly charming feeling, bringing a sensation of deep, meaningless meditation. Although an odd statement, I would argue it is extremely important. Moving onto "Skin of the Sun", Lives of the Obscure are able to pick up their pace into a rhythm almost demanded by "Sins Like These". To me, it brings up a nostalgia towards Connor Obrest's the Desaparecidos, yet over all it is a nice, spanking new reboot of early 00's post-hardcore.

Finally we move onto "Small Perspectives", a perfectly fitting ending track to the EP. Complacent yet uplifting, apathetic yet emotional, "Small Perspectives" goes a long way to wrapping the album up with its over a min. instrumental, post-rock climax that will make your ears ring with a combination of blasting bass and humble yet proud hooks.

The release will be available via Glacial Records on vinyl and should be shipped out by November 24th, 2012 (God, I'm a sucker for vinyl). Do the smart thing, buy a copy and support a sick act. Who knows, maybe the purchase can ensure a North-East tour. One can only hope...

Lives of the Obscure - Deathfete 7"
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