Green Eggs & Sam covered by EricMuth on Tue 3/29/11

Artist Title Album New
The Menzingers My Friend Chris I Was Born Single
The Arrivals Children's Crusade Volatile Molotov
Living Saints Polar Bear Club Chasing Hamburg
The Falcon The Lazyboy 500 Unicornography
One Win Choice Frame Your Favorite Pictures Live @WKDU
The Holy Mess A Soulful Tune About a Working Class Drummer Benefit Sesh
Restorations Broken Vacuum Restorations
Restorations Neighborhood Song Restorations
Everyone Everywhere Raw Bar OBX 2002 Everyone Everywhere
The Mountain Goats Birth of Serpents All Eternals Deck
Daytrader Kill My Compass Last Days of Rome EP

Green Eggs & Sam

  • Wednesday 10-11am
  • Thursday 12-1pm
  • Tuesday 2-3pm
  • Tuesday 4-5pm
Tune in for a mix of all things wonderful. From loud and heavy, to soft and light. Green Eggs & Sam is the perfect show for those who want variety.