Rock Bottom on Fri 4/25/14


Artist Title Album Label New
NOW, NOW Dead Oaks
BOXED WINE Dayglow Cheap Fun EP
CLOUD NOTHINGS I'm Not Part of Me Here and Nowhere Else
CHARLI XCX Superlove Superlove -Single
TWEENS Bored in the City Tweens
NEON INDIAN 6669 (I don't Know if You Know)
PITY SEX Wind Up Feast of Love
TENNIS Mean Steets
WAXAHATCHEE Tangled Envisioning Cerulean Salt
CHAD VANGAALEN Cut Off My Hands Shrink Dust
WILCO Kamera Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
HAIM The Wire Days Are Gone
BLONDFIRE Dear in Your Headlights Young Heart
TEEN Not For Long Teen
OF MONTREAL Id Engager Skeletal Lampings
KING KRULE Easy Easy 6 Feet Beneath the Moon
ONLY REAL Cadilac Girl Cadillac Girl EP
POLICA Dark Star Give You the Ghost
SEAHAVEN Silhouette Reverie Lagoon
BUILT TO SPILL Liar You in Reverse
BETH ORTON Love Like Laughter Central Reservation
JESSICA LEA MAYFIELD I Wanna Love You Make My Head Sing...
TACOCAT Crimson Wave NVM
CATNAPS Kiss Like a Statue Why Don't You Whisper? LOCAL
THE SPNIANES Rummy Imp Years

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