The Music of Sound on Wed 7/25/18

Special Guest Perry Shallllllllllllllll

Artist Title Album
Kamuran Akkor Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz Istanbul 70: Psych, DIsco, Folk Classics
Ramesh Sharme Booseh Tehroon, Ramesh 5 - Persian Music
Sonora Casino Astronautas a Mercurio Sonora Casino
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 Constant Rain Equinox
Weird Al I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead S/T
Nick Lowe Born Fighter Labour of Lust
Trio Sunday You Need Love S/T
Lene Lovitch I Think We're Alone Now Stateless
Casa Das Maquinas Trem de Verdade Casa Das Maquinas
Os Mutantes Bat Macumba "Os Mutantes"
Petalouda What You Can Do In Your Life
Funkadelic Freak of the Week Uncle Jam Wants You
Yellow Sunshine Yellow Sunshine S/T
Gloria Lynne How Did You Make Me Love You S/T
Esther Phillips I've Never Found a Man (To Love Me Like You Do) Alone Again, Naturally
Howlin' Wolf I Ain't Superstitious Change My Way
Emitt Rhodes With My Face On the Floor S/T
Happy Hate Me Nots You're an Angel The Good That's Been Done
The Jam Art School In The City
Thin Lizzy Mother Nature Said Vagabonds of the Western World
Gulliver Every Day's a Lovely Day S/T
The Dead Milkmen Everybody's Got Nice Stuff But Me Beelzebubba
Erkin Koray Hor Gorme Garibi 7"
Pentagram Be Forewarned First Daze Here
The Specials Too Hot S/T
Campo Formio Duende Spooky Fools
Shannon Shaw Crying My Eyes Out Shannon in Nashville

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Everything from Funk/Soul/Disco to New Wave/Psych/Post-Punk, even the occasional Doom/Hip-Hop/Country. The Music of Sound wakes you up with a listen through the decades, finding all the rhythms and beats that make you move.
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