Yo Philly, After what will have been 4 years and 196 shows, WKDU's Thursday morning drive time right time - MUSIC FOR YOUR METHLAB - is slated for self-destruction. Only 2 broadcasts remain! End game festivities and fanfare will roll as follows:
  • Next week (9/9), The Monthly Visitor will be on-site to deliver "The Monthly Visitor's Top Ten". All-time scope - no holds barred.
  • The grand finale (9/16) will waste no time on tears, just the hits. HOWEVER, leading up to and following this last broadcast, listeners are invited to send their mailing information to BESToftheMETHLAB@gmail.com to receive a FREE snazzy CDR copy of "The Very Best of Music For Your Methlab". To be clear, it will actually be snazzy. A token of thanks to the WKDU listenership at large, the mix will aim to highlight the signature jams of the program.
Til then - I leave you with the bold color and swagger of a fine psychedelic slab. See you next week! Cheers, - ss