BoerLore: West African/Caribbean Psychedelia and Reggae

ImageHello and welcome to the introduction of Dissociative Identity Production's newest radio program, "BoerLore". Here's a quick description from the WKDU site to give ya an idea of the program:"Trying to travel south to Columbia for some Psychedelic Classics? Or east to Ghana for some Jam Band Grandness? Then join BoerLore every week for the unknown legends of decades past and brighten up your day with some authentic, West African / Caribbean Psychedelic Rock."Anyways, hoping to try this out this quarter and see how it feels. So if you are lazing around the house and looking to listen to something a little out there, be sure to tune into WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7fm to hear the first show of our new program, BoerLore. Thanks and stay tuned for further developments.- Cliff Follow ID_Dissociative on Twitter