Rounds - Falter EP

Hours by a computer screen: it kinda makes you go insane at times. The internal interconnectedness of contemporary society creates both empathy and ambivalence of individuals and society as a whole. Yet with this split personality comes an appreciation of both the calm and frantic, the stable and fragile, the known within the unknown. I'm probably getting way ahead of myself already with this description (perhaps because I'm a little rusty) despite to say that it is with a sincere enthusiasm that I recommend the likes of Rounds for all those sympathizing with my initial rant.

Rounds are a British trio consisting of Robert Cooper (Vocals and Synths), Andrew Chapman (Guitar and Synths), and Ashley Kemp (Drums and Sampler). With a live set-up incorporating drums, synths and vocals along side a large array of digital instrumentation, their debut EP Escapist, came out on Austrian label Moun10 in July 2012, receiving the Number 7 spot in XLR8R’s Top 20 Downloads of July. Now with their latest EPFalter’ off of Blind Colour they are able to shine in their full authenticity as well as allow others to basque in the creative destruction with the EP including a remix of the track "Falter" from Nottingham's Atlas (Coja/Symbols Recordings). To give you, the reader, a better appreciation of Rounds, the video for their single ‘Falter’, directed by Kimberly Jarrett and Greg Davenport, is available to watch below.

Overall feelings? The EP bounces from bubble popping ecstasy which brings to mind Aphex Twin to creepy yet blissful romps the likes of newer Liars meets Phantagram. So the short answer is yes: I will gladly pop this on whether alone or with guests. However it is definitely clear that the act is still young. I will wait to pour excitement their way until they begin to differentiate themselves a little further. However, considering Falter represents the 2nd EP: damn, not bad. Not bad at all. Take a listen and enjoy, I know I did.

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