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COPYCATS by Vintage Kicks/SCOOBA

Bloomsbury Coalition is, well, "a badass collective of musicians and artists from the Delaware Valley." Vintage Kicks and Scooba are, well, "surf-giants". So what the hell is "COPYCATS"? COPYCATS is the first split by the two groups for Bloomsbury Coalition, featuring a newly written track by each. In addition, and what makes this a particularly memorable EP, is the fact that each group also performs and reinterprets an older track from the other group. Released on November 30, 2012, and recorded/mixed by Vintage Kicks' Chris Penny, COPYCATS stands out as a release which not only highlights two amazing groups from the Delaware Valley, but also their unique perspectives when handed foreign material.

The album opens with Vintage Kicks, performing their brand new single, "Cherry". A deceitfully innocent tab followed by a ride through late 80's garage-pop makes the track easy to love and, well, dance to (if I were not at work, I would probably start skanking in my tiny corner). Furthermore, the vocals bear the loveable sound of the new era of emo-rock meets post-hardcore, an always welcoming sign in my mind. "I Wish I Was Owen Wilson" follows, playing out as a, "cheeky letter to Owen Wilson about his career path but ends in total appreciation of the man." Written by Scooba and reinterpreted by Vintage Kicks, "I Wish I Was Owen Wilson" actually does a damn good job. A recounting saga of success and failure, the hard hitting rhythm with the casually strolling percussion leads elegantly into a chorus of shouting, including a mid monologue which all but encompasses the message.

Scooba is up next with their new single, "Serious Lunch". With a far heavier sound along with darker tinges, Scooba plays with "Serious Lunch" with a sound reminiscent to prog rock meeting post-hardcore. Odd, for sure, but certainly a frankly badass experience for any 90's child to listen to. This message is best presented with their interpretation of Vintage Kicks' "Iron Fist". With a "dark swirling atmosphere, reminiscent of Deerhunter or Joy Division" according to Bloomsbury Coalition, "Iron Fist" does play well off of a sound that is both hauntingly simple with a sense of minimalism yet intensive echo/distortion to fill through the nooks.

Point being, not only is the concept of the EP a brilliant idea, but each artist is able to add a significant dose of themselves to make the release a remarkable representation of both groups. This kind of task is far easier said than done so, to get a full appreciation, I would suggest attending the fundraiser, to assist a friend with leukemia, over at Studio Luloo in Oaklyn, NJ this Friday, December 21. So do yourself a favor: take a listen, hell grab a download (it's name your own price anyways), but for sure catch them live this Friday to learn a little more. It's a time worth having.

Vintage Kicks/Scooba - COPYCATS

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