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Feeling by Emotional

There is just something inherently lovable about the 80's. It was an era that seemed to have accepted materialism to historic heights, one with cues to the rise of morality and the religious right, one of both complacency and ambition all melded into a popular culture that still affects us today. Now may be a good time to point out that I wasn't born until the 90's: still, I am nearly lecherous in my imagination that is of the 80's. And somewhere in this weird hallucination that is my mind I imagine hearing Emotional's new album, "Feeling".

Released about 2 months ago, I feel ashamed to say it has taken me this long to write on it because, yes, it is damn well worth your time (and $7? *wink wink, nudge nudge*). Opening with the aptly entitled "Grass To Pass The Time", the 30 seconds give you a very appropriate introduction to the rest of the album. With heavily distorted vocals (not to mention essentially everything else) and an extremely poppy synth hook, the song takes you through a montage of casual nothingness which, essentially, may be the best of times. "Baby I'm So Strange" follows which, by far, is my favorite track. There is an overwhelming feeling in my pretentious side to note that it appears to have an extremely common verse structure but hell, it's a dream scape pop track, what the hell are you supposed to expect? "Baby I'm So Strange" excels because of it's seemingly casual anthem to society and mediocracy, a message which seems to fit rather well as it ends in a symphony of light chirping of the guitar.

Clearly, I am not necessarily providing too grand of an image as far as the whole album goes. Frankly, it's on purpose. I sit here, by my computer, spewing my thoughts into a blog which I can only assume someone, somewhere is actually reading. Yet the joy comes from the idea of no preconceived notions. I like to think Dissociative Identity Productions is hear to raise awareness, not to sell a message (though if ya ask me about politics, that may become something entirely different...). Listen to the whole f'ing thing. The 80's excelled because people were still naive enough to enjoy and not be pretentious. Emotional understands this, and it may be a good idea for us all too as well.

Emotional - Feeling
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