Die Eternias - Sould Out

DIE ETERNIAS - SOULD OUT by Seayou Records

Vienna's Die Eternias’ second album is on it's way (11/23/2012). Produced by Wolfgang Möstl (Killed by 9V Batteries, Mile Me Deaf) and recorded live in studio in Vienna and Graz in three days, Sould Out embodies a soul of rock ‘n’ roll with its seeming negligence of genres, often jumping through dashes of swing, cabaret, pop, and even reggae. Described as a "collection of tragic yet (gallows-)humorous short-stories, a day in the life of society’s outcasts, and an ode to Vienna’s most beautiful murderess", Sould Out gives an amazing introduction for any new comers to Die Eternias, as well as providing a solid sophomore album for those devoted.

Singer and guitarist Voodoo Jürgensclaim claimed to originate from He-Man’s home planet Eternia in his childhood daydreams. By 2004, it appeared as though that claim may hold truth as Die Eternias was formed. Jump starting from a band-contest at Viennese club Flex, they released their first album on said club’s own label Flexschallplatten (released digitally on Seayou Records). Another 7” EP on Seayou shortly followed. While Die Eternias’ setup is conventional: guitar, bass, drums, an organ at live shows, the music is certainly not. Influences range from reggae to Kurt Weill, the songs are about the "repressed facets of Western society, the peripheral and marginalised individuals, the petty criminals, and the prostitutes." Yikes, kind of heavy. Yet, as far as a sound, its pretty damn enlightening and outright fun, encouraging a break out dance session once in awhile.

In conclusion, yes, I do enjoy the album a bunch. Yet what seems to connect me to this album even more is the seeming relevance it holds, even when the artists originated hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away. Sometimes, smirking at the encompassing destruction is all we can do. Sould Out, on the other hand, it not the kind of destruction we should fear: rather it is the creative destruction that we desperately need. So thank you and please, as you were.

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