Ian Fischer & The Present - S/T

IAN FISHER & THE PRESENT - S/T by Ian Fisher & The Present

Recorded in a better than biblical 5 days. 12 hours of recording per day, with pastime activities including everything from shooting beer cans with bb guns (a personal favorite activity of mine when I was still in NC) to eating the mythical ‘Oberle’ dogs. All taking place on a small red tin cabin owned and run by family. If this doesn't at least get you intrigued, than I really do not see much hope in you anyways. However for those who see an appeal to this story of rural serenity and isolated contemplation, then the "globetrotting young folk/americana duo from the banks of the Mississippi" known as Ian Fischer & The Present (a Mr. Ryan Thomas Carpenter) should satisfy that thirst.

With a laundry list of former homes and memories in cities far and wide including St. Louis, Vienna, New York and Berlin, Ian Fischer has done more traveling in his short career than most individuals accomplish in their entire lifetime. Incorporating honest lyrics and an unabashed voice, in combination with The Present’s harmonies and soul, Ian Fischer & The Present have made some waves within the international community purely based upon their live performances. Now with their self titled release, which was engineered, mixed, mastered and produced by a Mr. Ben Majchrzak, Ian Fischer & The Present hope to take this raw emotional connection onto a produced format, a task which proves particularly dangerous and risky when approaching folk and folk revival.

The release then, I am glad to say, can confidently assert that this objective has been achieved. From the ever quickening, like running through the woods, of "Change of Heart" to the more remorseful "Fear", the self titled release is able to maintain an authenticity to folk without reproducing or beating a dead horse. Rather, it takes a global experience and incorporates into a hyper-localized format, aka folk, a format which has identified particular populations for generations. Thus taking a cultural identifiable art form and attempting to apply an international history into the mix is a welcome step forward. This release just goes to show a couple of guys with an open mind to the world as well as a Mississippi sense of modesty and humility, a welcomed experience to those seeking a refuge. Beer cans, bb guns, and 'Oberle' dogs: sounds delightful. Grab a download and enjoy.

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