Winterlong - Five Songs

Five Songs by Winterlong

A barrage of percussion followed by a thrashing sensation of elegantly distorted guitars. It's quite the introduction yet seems entirely fitting for the Hudson Valley, NY math rock group insistent in its commitment towards melody as well as just damn catchy hooks. Winterlong is off of Glacial Records and recently released their "Five Songs" EP. A 20 min dash through what appears a perfect resurrection of the 90's and early 00's, Winterlong is able to make an impression upon the listener that few groups could hope to achieve in an entire full length.

As described before, "Five Songs" begins with an impressive start with the single, "Stasis". A contemporary group which immediately jumps to mind is the Midwest noodle rock glory that is the Plastic Constellations. Yet it cannot be so easily summarized with such a vague reference. Rather, wrapped in the shell of 3 mins, "Stasis" provides the glimpse of Winterlong as not only an extremely talented math rock group, but also one which makes genuine odes to post-hardcore and emo rock epochs of decades past. The vocals are sincere and passionate where all too often, groups feel as though wild screaming will suffice. It is a refreshing attitude which serves as a glorious beginning to the album.

Jump to the track "Arena". Serving as the anthem of the album, if you will, the single opens with wailing guitars followed by a stead fast percussion reminiscent of Cinemachanica. While a dreary track, to be sure, it does not fail to hold onto the listeners attention with the complacent haunting vocals floating inbetween the purposefully imperfect harmonies unfolding. This in combination with it's uncompromising bass line, and "Arena" shows a very promising side to Winterlong: one which knows when to exhilarate a crowd and when to lead one towards a trance.

The digital collation, with 5 tracks, is only $4 which makes it a worthwhile investment yet, if you want to be a real pro, the vinyl is certainly a welcomed option which only serves to further enhance "Five Songs" as a whole. Anyways, overall, this EP appears extremely exciting. As always, though, I still look forward to the live show. If this serves as the trailer, then I warmly look forward to the opportunity.

Winterlong - Five Songs
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