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Currently, I work a 9 to 5. I guess, especially during these current stagnant economic days, that is nothing to be upset about. Emotionally, on the other hand, it means that I feel fairly drained and ambivalent. A contagious combination of apathy mixed with sheer exhaustion, the end product pushes me into an anxst which can only be relieved through thrashing and screaming. Sound familiar? I hope so for Dee and the Warlocks are able to take this sensation and imbue it into a self titled release gushing with aggressive complacency.

Opening with the exhilaratingly haunting "Secrets", Dee and the Warlocks progresses extremely quickly into a classic grunge/garage rock sound, the likes of Screaming Females meets the more aggressive side of Des Ark. Yet, by the next track, the group is able to enter a far more melodic presence filled with echoing harmonies along the lines of Marine Girls and the Soft Pack. The album, as a whole, is quiet a remarkable album to pass the work day through as the vocals shiver your insides with a constantly present bass line which does not disappoint. Favorite track, you ask? Probably would have to stick with Spinning Dizzy and it's coo'ing chorus matched by verses which seem to taunt the listener into a seemingly suspicious head bob at work. But then again, that's just me.

Overall, I extremely enjoyed the album. It, bluntly, rocks without using obnoxiously easy hooks or percussion. Grab a free download or, for those who still value it, be sure to grab a hard copy of either the CD or Cassette (cause come on, how can ya resist?). The larger goal, however, is to catch Dee and the Warlocks and, ideally, fellow Baltimore native Two-Inch Astronaut on a tour up here in Philadelphia. What ya say: think we can make that happen?

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