Two Inch Astronaut - Split Dicks 7"

Thundering percussion followed by pounding power chords. That is what greets ya when ya catch the first couple of seconds from Two Inch Astronaut's most recent release, Split Dicks 7". Opening with the track, "Greatest City in the World", the Baltimore local lofi/post-hardcore phenomena elegantly alludes to the 90's D.C. hardcore scene with a splash of emo-rock.

While this release gives us only two songs to chew on, it is still incredible to see their sound develop from one release to the next. To be honest, I was originally going to write about "Red Pancake and the Dark Energy" but was so slow in the writing process that this release is apparently now the most recent material, making my original plans a little redundant. Still, the larger point is that from one release to the next, Two Inch Astronaut is refining a sound which takes a healthy dose of Jawbox mixed with early Cursive. And if you're like me, that is definitely an amazing sign.

Anyways, grab a listen and a download. Hell, if you're in the Baltimore area, get off your ass and go out to a show. Regardless, I'm extremely pleased to hear the D.C./Baltimore post-hardcore scene is still alive and well. This success is in no smart part because of Two Inch Astronaut. Thanks, and won't you consider a stop by Philadelphia?

Two Inch Astronaut - Split Dicks 7"
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