Station History

WKDU is owned by Drexel University, and operated by members of the Drexel University community.

Drexel University's WMAX founded. This name was kept for the first 4 years. The station started as "carrier-current".
Fall 1962
WMAX became WXDT 830 c.c. on the AM dial. The name change was part of the plan to begin the transformation to an FM station.
WMAX became WXDT This marked the first official attempts by the students to become a FM broadcasting station. Initial application denied because the lack of financial backing from the university.
February 1971
After much delay, and arrangement was made with WPWT to share the 91.7fm frequency. WPWT would use 2pm - 10pm Monday - Friday, and the rest was up for WKDU's use. WPWT was the radio station of Philadelphia Wireless Technical School.
WXDT call sign changed to WKDU
January 13, 1978
Mark Grossman begins "Sounds of Jerusalem". The program was Philadelphia's Israeli Music & News program for the next 15 years. The show began in 1978 as a half hour taped program, and at its peak in the early 80's it was up to 6 hours a week over 2 days. The show ended as 2 and a half hours of live programming Friday mornings. The show was produced and hosted by WKDU members, but always had guests in the studios, or on the phone for interviews.
WKDU gets FCC thumbs up to jump from 10 watts to 110 watts. The need for this jump was because of a 1979 FCC decision to scrap stations under 100 watts (FM too crowded), most all 10 watt stations (mostly college) applied for power increases.... the policy was actually changed in the late 1970's, but the flood of applications for 100+ watts slowed everything down.
May 14, 1987
Jello Biafra comes to Drexel University and speaks on censorship, sponsored by WKDU!
WKDU goes stereo
February 26th 1990
WPWT ceases to exist and WKDU takes over 91.7fm 24/7/365
March 1996
WKDU Finally gets the FCC OK to power up to 800 watts. There was a long delay in this application being approved because of the other 91.7fm stations in the area. We had to use a very unique and extremely directional antenna to transmit in our new pattern.