DJs Genre Time
LesBe Real P, S, A 9:30-10am
Metal & Coffee ebonie Sludge Metal, Stoner Metal, Progressive Metal 10am-12pm
Knight-Majik AlKnight Nu-jazz, Jazz, Soul/Funk 12-2pm
Middle West Radio nlcoffma Indie, Bedroom, Lo-Fi 2-4pm
Sundown Lounge Matt Sunny Electronic, Future Bass, Trip-hop 4-6pm
Music That Matters W. Einstein Rock, Pop, Electronic 6-8pm
1100ccs of Hate johnpaul, Jim Cavanagh Punk, Hardcore, Local 8-10pm
Talk of the Town yoni191 Gossip, Noise, Punk 10pm-12am
DJs Genre Time
Roadrunner NickManna Punk, Indie, Pop 7-9am
Public Affairs Local, Regional, Global 9:30-10am
Food Fight Jackson M Indie, Garage Rock, Punk 1-2pm
Hollywood! TonyYoung Punk, Indie, Experimental 5-6pm
Gallimaufry Julie Haynes Garage Rock, Psych/Folk, Indie 6-7pm
The Bends Jon Galuchie The Brown Note, Lawn Mowers, Ice-T 7-8pm
Toilet Radio Es, NickStropko Biodegradio, Quad, Before That 8-10pm
Secret Show johnsinclair indie noise, rock music, power grind violence 10-11pm
summer porch nickmyers local heroes, shredding, good music 11pm-12am
DJs Genre Time
Public Affairs Local, Regional, Global 9:30-10am
Your Brain On Ska Matthew Rotella Ska, Rocksteady, More Ska 10am-12pm
The Side Quest NathanKosmin, Patrick Magee Funk, Hip-Hop, Electronic 1-3pm
Ultrasound Radio USA adam_b Electronic, Indie, Hip-Hop 3-5pm
The New Matt Show Matt Indie, Pop, Alternative 5-6pm
Jazzy Vibezzz NickStropko Jazz, Derivatives of Jazz, Jazzy Stuff I Guess 6-8pm
Music that Keeps You Up at Night EricGross Post-metal, Post-rock, Metal 8-10pm
Hot Mix Chris B Dance, House, Electronic 10pm-12am
DJs Genre Time
Alt Things Considered AmyGottsegen Indie, Alternative, Experimental 7-9am
Public Affairs Local, Regional, Global 9:30-10am
Philly Jazz Time philly jazz tim... Jazz, Jazz, More Jazz 2-4pm
Flaming Arrow Diane Myers Punk, Pop, Psychadelic 4-6pm
Sonic Rendezvous Alina Real folk blues, Rock 'n' roll, Primordial muck 6-8pm
Clangour PhilipGross Indie, Rock, Alternative 8-10pm
Off The Deep End PeterL Deep House, Tech House & Techno, Soulful House 10pm-12am
DJs Genre Time
Strawberry Shrapnel MarenKay Spiky, Sparkly 7-9am
Public Affairs Local, Regional, Global 9:30-10am
The Analog Sound mbs87 Techno, House, Dubstep 11am-2pm
Post-this Post-that Radio JackieZ t, b, d 2-4pm
Aging Anarchist's Radio Program Pete Sounds Punk Rock, Space Rock, Drone 4-6pm
Jamcity Rock Duprex Reggae, Reggae, Reggae 6-10pm
Dr. Plotkin's Majikal Evening X-Perience doctorplotkin Good, Dance, Music 10pm-12am
DJs Genre Time
Public Affairs Local, Regional, Global 10-10:30am
Jazz & Conversation Marcel Jazz, Funk, Blues 11am-1pm
Heart & Hustle Jamila Soul, Neo Soul, Afro Beats 4-6pm
Eavesdrop Radio lildave, Junior Soul, Jazz, Electronic 6-9pm
Bonnie and Clyde of Reggae shana, snape Reggae, Dancehall, Roots and Culture 9-11pm
DJs Genre Time
Public Affairs Local, Regional, Global 9:30-10am
The Gospel Jam gregoryrcampbell Gospel, Reggae Gospel, Gospel 10am-12pm
Afternoon Skanking with Reggae Vibrations rariley Reggae, Reggae, Reggae 12-2pm
Caribbean Beats Kerwin Reggae, Soca, Dancehall 2-4pm
Climaxx Music Central Cfishley Reggae, Calypso, Soul 4-6pm
Reggae Dance Party chrismurray Reggae, Dancehall, Culture 6-9pm
Alvin Melhado alvin Reggae, Reggae, Reggae 9pm-12am