Is a results-driven professional with extensive experience in various aspects of the music industry. Specializing in Reggae, Dancehall,
Hip Hop and Pop. In-depth expertise in the entire production chain, from initial songwriting all the way to the final mixing stage. Proven ability
to run productive and efficient recording sessions in various studio environments: from small scale production studios to large studio environments.
Renowned for live sound system design and implementation on multiple scales. Hands-on experience with planning, booking, producing, and
promoting major artist concerts and various other large scale events.


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6 years 40 weeks
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Reggae Dance Party
on Winter 2010 Saturday 6-9pm, Spring 2010 Saturday 6-9pm, Summer 2010 Saturday 6-9pm, Fall 2010 Saturday 6-9pm, Winter 2011 Saturday 6-9pm, Spring 2011 Saturday 6-9pm, Summer 2011 Saturday 6-9pm, Fall 2011 Saturday 6-9pm, Winter 2012 Saturday 6-9pm, Spring 2012 Saturday 6-9pm, Summer 2012 Saturday 6-9pm, Fall 2012 Saturday 6-9pm, Winter 2013 Saturday 6-9pm, Fall 2013 Saturday 6-9pm, Summer 2014 Saturday 6-9pm and Winter 2015 Saturday 6-9pm.