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on Spring 2018 Tuesday 7:30-8am, Summer 2018 Tuesday 7:30-8am, Fall 2018 Tuesday 7:30-8am and Winter 2019 Tuesday 7:30-8am.
TUC Radio
on Spring 2018 Wednesday 6:30-7am, Summer 2018 Wednesday 6:30-7am, Fall 2018 Wednesday 6:30-7am and Winter 2019 Wednesday 6:30-7am.
Pop, the Question
on Spring 2018 Friday 9-9:30am, Summer 2018 Friday 9-9:30am, Fall 2018 Friday 9-9:30am and Winter 2019 Friday 9-9:30am.
Strawberry Shrapnel
on Winter 2014 Friday 10am-12pm, Spring 2014 Monday 6-8pm, Fall 2014 Monday 8-10pm, Winter 2015 Monday 6-8pm, Spring 2015 Monday 10am-12pm, Fall 2015 Monday 8-10pm, Winter 2016 Monday 8-10pm, Spring 2016 Tuesday 7-9am, Summer 2016 Thursday 7-9am, Winter 2017 Friday 9:30-11am and Spring 2017 Monday 9-11am.
Music Against the Patriarchy
on Fall 2017 Thursday 7-9am, Winter 2018 Thursday 7-9am and Spring 2018 Thursday 7-9am.