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WKDU's Blast From the Past Alumni DJ Weekend

Tune in to WKDU Saturday December 18th and Sunday December 19th to hear Alumni DJs spin just like they used to! DJs from the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s will return to the airwaves, plug in their laptops or may choose to go old school and just cue up the turntables. Among the live DJ’s scheduled are Bill Gellhaus and Bruce Walack from the seventies, Mark Grossman, Pete Fasolo, Mike Eidle and Bill McFarland from the eighties, the nineties bring Gina Bulleri, David Fernandes, Denise Thompson, Hans Specht and the 2000’s with Tim Herron and Thomas Storck.


Cheap Girls WKDU In Studio Performance, Oct 22

Tune in at 2pm on Thursday, October 22 for Cheap Girls. A Michigan rock outfit influenced by The Lemonheads, Superchunk, Gin Blossoms, Buffalo Tom, The Replacements, and Smoking Popes, brothers Ben and Ian Graham and Adam Aymor will be in studio and on air here at WKDU. To hear them again, they will be at The Fire later that night.