Live @ WKDU: Broadcast of Dan Melchior In-Studio Recording from 2/1/14

Sunday, February 9, 2014 - 8:00pm - 9:00pm

Dan Melchior has been making records for 16 years now, many of them very long.
Having stumbled into the infamous 'medway scene' like a drunk press ganged onto an old frigate, he was forced to float around the seven seas in the despicable 'vessel' for far longer than even the unluckiest rummy. But our boy finally saw an opening, and made his break (the winkle picker wearers haven't noticed - but then, what have they noticed - besides the latest releases on dionysus?) Dan has been letting loose with all kinds of woozy mayhem for the last few years, taking more from the likes of Jim Shepard, Lard free and Luc Marianni than the sonics.
Recent releases on Siltbreeze, Kye, Chocolate monk, and L'espirit de l'escalier have seen a general decimation of most pre-conceived ideas about his music, and probably at least a few tantrums thrown by people in polka dot shirts.
This outing finds him playing with Pat Ganley and Adam Cooper and with the best of luck summoning up a bit of Sonny Sharrock, VU Lou, and Takeshi Mizutani along the way. Playing at the Philadelphia Record Exchange, 1524 Frankford Ave on Saturday, February 2, 2014