Live @ WKDU: Carnivores

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - 4:45pm

To get a handle on where Carnivores takes their roots, it requires a psychedelic trek into lo-fi tropicalia, lounge and death-afflicted sound collages that defy easy categorization. Bassist Philip Frobos – along with Nathaniel Higgins (guitar), Caitlin Lang (keyboard/vocals) and Ross Politi (drums) – splatters songs with a clutter of fuzz and musical inflections that come off busy at first. But every rhythm, melody and yearning voice is placed exactly where it's needed. The spirit of punk is undeniable in its presence, but the experimental bend of the songs is on par with the likes of Animal Collective, Faust and even the harmonic complexities of early Beach Boys records. They just released 'If I'm Ancient' on Double Phantom Records.