Live @ WKDU: Crybaby

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 9:00pm - 9:45pm

The only thing worse than having to answer what you eat after telling distance relatives you're vegan is trying to answer what kind of music you play. The generic go-to is "We're a punk band, you know, short and fast?" But we play songs slow, then talk about how we should play them faster then sometimes still play them slow. We all love Fugazi and Blink 182, also I've been listening to a lot of J Church lately. We've been a band for less than a year and only have a handful of songs recorded. We haven't had haircuts in a while, maybe that will change by October. My mom says it would sound better if we could try to sing just a little bit more. She thinks the guitar is pretty and is still asking when she will actually see me play music. One day Mom, one day.