Wednesday, March 13, 2024 - 10:00pm - 11:00pm

DJ JAMZ (Jamya Day - @djjvmz) is a Black, queer, gender nonconforming DJ and event producer imagining the dance floor as a site of embodied liberation, resistance, expression and play for Black and brown queer and trans people. 

Since 2015, DJ JAMZ has infused her warmth, musicality and easy-going nature to create community within Temple University’s QPOC student organization and MOVES Philly, a collective of black queer and trans creatives that supported cultural shifts towards a more inclusive city. JAMZ believes in building community through music and continues to nourish safer spaces to gather by partnering with QTPOC photographers, videographers, DJs and vendors, at local, often Black owned, businesses to host Game Nights, a Fall Festival and other monthly experiences that feel like spending time with chosen family. 

JAMZ’s most celebrated series is Watermelon Glow; an outdoor sunset party inviting QTPOC into a utopian oasis where everybody is a VIP, and the keepsake souvenirs are freedom and belonging. Outside of events, you can find JAMZ challenging herself at her indoor rock climbing gym, spending time with loved ones, and preparing for her monthly residency at Dahlak Paradise by building relationships between cultures and genres to tell one fluid, musical story with African, Caribbean, House & Soul influences.