Live @ WKDU: The Riot Before

Thursday, October 21, 2010 - 3:15pm

Evolution is a natural process that can be neither forced nor contrived, but can be accelerated by constant pressure and motion. Since their inception a few short years ago, The Riot Before have kept their burners on high, maintaining a perpetual drive that propelled them almost overnight from obscurity to legendary road warrior status. From their humble, guileless beginnings, they've rapidly matured into an experienced and irrefutable force. After the virulent success of 2008's Fists Buried in Pockets, they immediately set to work forging a new record. With the help of Paper + Plastick's seemingly infinite underworld connections, the planets aligned during a full moon and they found themselves locked away in the ivory tower known as The Magpie Cage alongside fabled production wizard J. Robbins (Jawbreaker, Against Me!, The Promise Ring). Together, they cast and fired their finest work to date, a sprawling composite that fuses the band's driving, melodic anthems with Robbins' dissonant, angular production. The resulting opus stands as a genre-defying testament to music progression, as each song draws clear and differing influences while maintaining a cohesive texture throughout the course of the record.