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Art Of The House
on Winter 2021 (COVID) Monday 2-5am, Spring 2021 Monday 2-5am and Summer 2021 Monday 2-5am.
Staying Strong
on Winter 2019 Wednesday 9-10am, Spring 2019 Wednesday 9-10am, Summer 2019 Wednesday 9-10am, Fall 2019 Wednesday 9-10am, Winter 2020 Wednesday 9-10am, Summer 2020 (COVID) Tuesday 4-5pm, Fall 2020 (Remote COVID) Tuesday 4-5pm and Winter 2021 (COVID) Wednesday 9-10am.
Garbage and Noise
on Winter 2017 Monday 12-2am, Spring 2017 Monday 12-2am and Summer 2017 Monday 12-2am.
Bygones Be Damned
is not currently scheduled.
The Music of Sound
on Spring 2010 Thursday 1-2pm, Fall 2010 Thursday 4-6pm, Winter 2011 Wednesday 7-9am, Spring 2011 Monday 11am-1pm, Fall 2011 Wednesday 1-3pm, Winter 2012 Monday 7-9pm, Spring 2012 Friday 10am-12pm, Fall 2012 Tuesday 8-10pm, Winter 2013 Tuesday 8-10pm, Spring 2013 Tuesday 8-10pm, Summer 2013 Wednesday 8-10pm, Fall 2014 Thursday 11pm-1am, Summer 2015 Monday 9:30am-12pm, Fall 2015 Monday 7-9am, Spring 2018 Wednesday 8-10am, Summer 2018 Wednesday 8-10am, Fall 2018 Wednesday 8-10am, Winter 2019 Wednesday 7-9am, Spring 2019 Wednesday 7-9am, Fall 2019 Wednesday 7:30-9am, Winter 2020 Wednesday 7:30-9am, Spring 2020 Wednesday 7-10am, Fall 2020 (Remote COVID) Wednesday 10am-12pm, Winter 2021 (COVID) Wednesday 10am-12pm, Spring 2021 Wednesday 10am-12pm and Summer 2021 Wednesday 10am-12pm.
Gosh Golly Gee
is not currently scheduled.