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The Prog Hour
on Fall 2014 Wednesday 6-8pm, Winter 2015 Wednesday 6-8pm, Spring 2015 Wednesday 6-8pm, Fall 2015 Wednesday 6-8pm and Spring 2016 Wednesday 6-8pm.
Traffic Jamz
on Fall 2012 Monday 7-9am, Winter 2013 Tuesday 6-8pm, Spring 2013 Monday 6-8pm, Summer 2013 Monday 6-8pm, Fall 2013 Tuesday 2-4pm, Winter 2014 Wednesday 10am-12pm and Spring 2014 Monday 11am-1pm.
Waxing Nostalgic
on Summer 2011 Thursday 9:30-11am and Fall 2012 Thursday 7-9am.
Fancy Pants-less Radio
on Fall 2010 Monday 11pm-1am, Winter 2011 Wednesday 10pm-12am, Spring 2011 Thursday 9-11pm, Summer 2011 Tuesday 4-7pm, Winter 2012 Monday 3-5pm, Spring 2012 Wednesday 8-10pm and Summer 2012 Tuesday 6-8pm.