Philly Haps: Past

Friday, Feb 25, 2011
Time Venue Age
The Armchairs with The Hi-Tones, Bird Names and Arrah And The Ferns 8:00pm The Ox All Ages
The Kissing Club with Old Rival Hope, Yet Cut Breath, Jeffery Fields and ES Guthrie 7:30pm The Fire 21+
1 Piece Fest with Joe Jack Talcum and Spoonboy and many more! 7:00pm Philadelphia Mausoleum Of Contempory Arts All Ages
Thursday, Feb 24, 2011
Time Venue Age
Freddy Hall with Yellowbird, Brian Ashby and Dawn Iukg 9:00pm The Fire 21+
Rapid Cities with Thinking Machines and Lavis Blake 8:00pm Kung Fu Necktie 21+
Chris Wilson with Luke Elliott, Tristen, and Diomire Keane 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Reading Rainbow, Lower Dens, Adventure, & 8:00pm The Ox All Ages
Wednesday, Feb 23, 2011
Time Venue Age
Electric Blue Concept with Gasoline Heart, Don't Panic and Astorian Stigmata 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Tuesday, Feb 22, 2011
Time Venue Age
Roz And The Rice Cakes with Lauren Malandra And The Nocturns, Babble Tounge and Yesterday Cranes 9:00pm The Fire 21+
Celestial Septet 8:00pm International House All Ages
Bad News Bats with Heavy Medical and Lechuguillas 8:00pm Marvelous Music All Ages
The Nodd with Evolett, Bamboo Houses and Oopart 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Monday, Feb 21, 2011
Time Venue Age
Fences with Former Belle and Bearings 8:00pm Kung Fu Necktie 21+
Broken Records with U.S. Royalty and Gunfight! 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Drexel University College Of Engineering Egg Drop 12:00pm Drexel University Main Building All Ages
Sunday, Feb 20, 2011
Time Venue Age
Exploding World with Whistle Jacket, Young And Old and Curious Buddies 9:00pm The Fire 21+
John Langfords Skull Orchestra with Eddie Spaghetti, Whitey Morgan And The 78s and Lydia Loveless 7:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Sweet Honey In The Rock 3:00pm First Unitarian Church: Basement All Ages
Saturday, Feb 19, 2011
Time Venue Age
Busses with Royal Sholes and Upholstery 8:00pm Johnny Brenda's 21+
Paul Baribeau with Snowing, Rowsdowner and The Boy Who Could Fly 7:30pm LAVA All Ages
Ceasefire with Captain We're Sinking, Reservoir, Nightlights and The Tired And True. 7:00pm The Cracker Factory All Ages
Friday, Feb 18, 2011
Time Venue Age
Tommy Stinton with Kepi Ghoulie and Taggart 9:00pm North Star Bar 21+
I Yanh I Arkestra with Rosemary Fiki Band, MH The Verb With The Basement Society and Theotis Joe 9:00pm The Fire 21+
Kings Go Forth 9:00pm Johnny Brenda's 21+
Graham Lambkin with Jason Lescalleet and Weyes Blood 8:00pm The Rotunda All Ages
Thursday, Feb 17, 2011
Time Venue Age
This Way To Egress with Joe Black, The Absinthe Drinkers and Dream Of Fire 9:00pm The Fire 21+
Yann Tiersen with Shannon Wright 8:00pm First Unitarian Church: Sanctuary All Ages
William Hookers Two Sides Of Now and Vertex 8:00pm The Rotunda All Ages
Dan Reed With Mark Evans and E. Joseph 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Goverment Warning with Night Birds, Leather and Bucket Flush 7:00pm The Ox All Ages
The Absinthe Drinkers with This Way To Egress, Joe Black and I Dream Of Fire 7:00pm The Fire All Ages
Monte Negro and Satellite District 6:00pm The Fire All Ages
Wednesday, Feb 16, 2011
Time Venue Age
Eyehategod with Misery Index, Black Anvil and Strong Intention 8:00pm Johnny Brenda's 21+
Martin Bisi With Brian Viglone with The Love Club, The Red Masque and Dan Malloy 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Spiritual Rez 7:00pm The Blockley Pourhouse 21+
Tuesday, Feb 15, 2011
Time Venue Age
Disgrunted Sherpa with Great Big House and Salsa Shark 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Monday, Feb 14, 2011
Time Venue Age
Damm Frank and Gunga Dynn 8:00pm M Room 21+
Kelly And The Ruths with Charlotte Littlehaus 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Sunday, Feb 13, 2011
Time Venue Age
Baths with Braids and Star Slinger 8:00pm Kung Fu Necktie 21+
RYHS Chatham's Brass Trio with Ryan Forsyth 8:00pm International House All Ages
The New Heaven And The New Earth with Damon Moon, Scallon, Caboder 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Tsunami Rising with Bruce Lucy, The Rowdies, The Warhawks and Bear Quest 7:00pm The Fire All Ages
PJ Bond with Luther (Acoustic), The Menzingers (Acoustic) and Oshit 7:00pm The Banana Stand All Ages
Henry Cluney (Stiff Little Fingers) with Ryan Harvey and Billy Kerns 4:00pm Kung Fu Necktie 21+
Saturday, Feb 12, 2011
Time Venue Age
Warm Whiskey with Jason Ager Band, Rebecca Way and Moga 9:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Andrew Lipke And The Prospects with Sisters 3, Adrian Reju, Joe Duffy's Underwater Window Garden, Cowmuddy and Charlotte Littlehaus 8:00pm The Fire 21+
Danger Danger "Aquarius Raging" Show 8:00pm Danger Danger Gallery All Ages
Rob Lately And The Tiny Heart Band with Omar, Shortbread and Ben Roth band 7:00pm Ray's Happy Birthday Bar 21+
Synth Sircus with The Skin Cells & W.C. Lindsay 1:00pm The Trocadero Balcony All Ages
Friday, Feb 11, 2011
Time Venue Age
Lucas Brown Quartet with The Wade Dean Enspiration 9:00pm Robin's Bookstore All Ages
Biffy Clyro with Moving Mountains 8:30pm North Star Bar 21+
Wild Nothing with Abe Vigoda and Grandchildren 8:00pm First Unitarian Church: Basement All Ages
Cookie Rabinowitz with Jenette Berry And The Soul Nerds, Yikes, The Living Sample, I and I, Zilla, Inflowential 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Thursday, Feb 10, 2011
Time Venue Age
Shark Tank (featuring rapper Lord Grunge) with Pymid $keem, 'tine 'tine, and Gavin Riley 8:00pm Danger Danger Gallery All Ages
Human Sounds with Guerilla Funk, Nightmare River Band, and Agudo 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Toy Soldiers with Adam And Dave's Bloodline, East Hundred, TJ Kong And The Atomic Bomb, Dangerous Poines, Arrah And The Ferns and Attia Taylor 8:00pm The Fire 21+
Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band present Valentine's Day Brawl 2011 with Scott Hutchinson (of Frightened Rabbit) 7:00pm The Trocadero All Ages
Wednesday, Feb 9, 2011
Time Venue Age
Taproot with Me Talk Pretty, Willpowerless, Lights Resolve 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Schooly D with Reef The Lost Cause, Verso, Dru Chris and Alien Architect 8:00pm The Fire 21+
Tuesday, Feb 8, 2011
Time Venue Age
Lou Reed/ Leonard Cohen Tribute Night 9:00pm The Fire 21+
Hidden River Construction with Various Eggs, Ross Garlow and Kevin And The Shapes 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Hellogoodbye with Gold Motel and You, Me And Everyone We Know 6:00pm First Unitarian Church: Basement All Ages
Cobra Skulls with Luther and Dirty Tactics 6:00pm The Fire All Ages
Monday, Feb 7, 2011
Time Venue Age
Woods and Ducktails 7:30pm First Unitarian Church: Chapel All Ages
Sunday, Feb 6, 2011
Time Venue Age
The Why Kay Kay's with Billy Woodward And The Senders and Diomira Keane 9:00pm The Fire 21+
Saturday, Feb 5, 2011
Time Venue Age
Jolie Holland with Kyp Malone 9:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Tapes N' Tapes and Oberhofer 9:00pm Johnny Brenda's 21+
The Great Unknown, When I Was 12, Conversations With Enemies, and Boy With Robot 8:00pm The Ox All Ages
Mother Of Mercy with Cold World, Free Spirit and Cop Problem 7:00pm Broad Street Ministry All Ages
Friday, Feb 4, 2011
Time Venue Age
Strange Engineers with The Yes Way, Orbit To Leisure and Heylady 9:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Casey Bowen Band with The Embracers, The Ugly Club, Vintage Kicks and The Lights Out 8:00pm The Fire 21+
Thursday, Feb 3, 2011
Time Venue Age
Kickin Bear with Soft Black, The Jolly What and Bartholomew 9:00pm The Fire 21+
Damage Case Films presents a screening of Lemmy 8:30pm The Trocadero 21+
Split Red with The Suite Unraveling and Eliot Klien 7:30pm Highwire Gallery All Ages
Hawthorn Heights with Mike Looms, All My Friends And Foes and Robots And Racecars 7:00pm North Star Bar All Ages
Hop Along with Restorations, Connor Byrne, Danny Zezeski and Who Are The Southern Baptists 7:00pm Fernon House All Ages
Wednesday, Feb 2, 2011
Time Venue Age
iNFiNiEN with Son Step and The Looks Of It 9:00pm The Fire 21+
Vilebreed with Animals And Insects, Ghosts In The Vally and This Temper 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Tuesday, Feb 1, 2011
Time Venue Age
Speed Skating with Point Cloud and Attic Dancers 8:00pm Kung Fu Necktie 21+
Circledown with Maddam Ink and Dime Street Joker 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Best Coast with Wavves and No Joy 7:30pm Starlight Ballroom All Ages
Monday, Jan 31, 2011
Time Venue Age
Young Prisms and Soars 7:30pm Kung Fu Necktie 21+
Sunday, Jan 30, 2011
Time Venue Age
Mrs. Pain with Playboy Bunny Savage, Blown Away and Site Recitals 9:00pm M Room 21+
Mikroknytes with Jesse Kudler And Ian Fraiser and Kohoutek Duo And Charles Cohen 9:00pm Marvelous Music All Ages
Jesse Malin And The Saint Marks Social with Hey Angel 8:00pm Johnny Brenda's 21+
The No Longer with Brenna Fitzgerald, Mackenzie, Search The Cellar and many many more! 6:30pm North Star Bar 21+
Less Than Jake with The Supervillains, Off With Their Heads, & Transit 6:00pm The Trocadero All Ages
Saturday, Jan 29, 2011
Time Venue Age
The New Connection with Andrew Lipke And The Prospects, Oldermost and Lily And The Parlor Tricks 9:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Jill Rabits with Sensory Whore and Matt Landis 9:00pm The Fire 21+
Umpreys Mcgee and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad 7:30pm Electric Factory All Ages
Delicate Steve with Banned Books and The Spartan Philharmonic 7:00pm Kung Fu Necktie 21+
Angry Serfs with The Eeries and Full Of Fancy 7:00pm Dad's Haus All Ages
Sugar Town's 10th Anniversary Party 6:00pm The Tritone 21+
Into It Over It with Daytrader, Bearings and Settle For Less 6:00pm The Fire All Ages
Friday, Jan 28, 2011
Time Venue Age
Fathead (reunion show) with Alien Architect, Electric City and The Founders 9:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Johnson's Crossword with Manatwany Creek Ramblers and Keystone Mountain Boys 9:00pm The Fire 21+
The Rat Bastard Experience with Bubonik Stupefaktion, Curanderos and Fun 8:00pm Highwire Gallery All Ages
Thursday, Jan 27, 2011
Time Venue Age
Ominous Black with SunCrusher, Cavallo and Sadqigacea 8:00pm Kung Fu Necktie 21+
Kylessa with Rosetta and Fight Amp 8:00pm North Star Bar 21+
Delco Nightingale with North Lawrence Midnight Singers, Stephen Hays And The Good Problems, Chris Shutlz And The Tourists and Rum And Pearl 8:00pm The Fire 21+