Boombox on Fri 2/19/10

Artist Title Album New
Butterfly Bones R U My Mother?? Prety Feelings
Dangerous Ponies All's Well That Ends With A Dance Party Dr Ponie Medicine Ponie
The Magnetic Fields The Dolls' Tea Party Realism
Butterfly Bones Magic Magic Pretty Feelings
The Jezabels Violent Dreams She's So Hard
Miike Snow Billie Holiday Billie Holiday
You Say Party! We Say Die! There is XXXX (Within My heart) Xxxx
These Are Powers Chipping Ice (Remix)
Editors You Don't Know Love (Cagedbaby Remix)
You Say Party! We Say Die! Lonely's Lunch Xxxx
Dangerous Ponies Not Now! Not Ever! Dr. Ponie. Medicine Ponie. EP
Yukon Blonde Babies Don't Like Blue Anymore Yukon Blonde
CSLSX Futuretapes
Men Women & Children Dance in My Blood
Magic Wands Black Magic (Crystal Fighters Remix)
Matlas Aguayo Koro Koro Ay Ay Ay
Pantha Du Prince A Nomads Retreat Black Noise
Massive Attack Girl I Love You (feat. Horace Andy) Heligoland
The Tough Alliance Neo Violence A New Chance
You Say Party! We Say Die! Dark Days Xxxx
The Polyamorous Affair Babayaga The Polyamorous Affair
Air Solal Remix
Solid Gold Synchronize
Washed Out Feel It All Around Life of Leisure
The Knife Upheaved
Pitch Black Freefall (Friends Electric remix) Pitch Black
RJD2 Gypsy Caravan The Colossus
Florence and The Machine Kiss With a Fist Lungs
The Magnetic Fields You Must Be Out Of Your Mind Realism


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