Usual Revolution and Then Some on Tue 3/2/10

Artist Title Album Label New
Rogue Wave Permalight Permalight Brushfire
Rogue Wave Fear itself Permalight Brushfire
Los Campesinos In Medias Res Romance is Boring arts and crafts
Los Campesinos Romance is Boring Romance is Boring arts and crafts
The Editors You don't know love In This Light And On This Evening Fader Label
Italian Japanese The lush Romantic weirdness The lush romantic weirdness tinderbox
G-dragon A boy Heartbreaker YG entertainment
Capsule Player Liar Game OST Contemode
Baseball Bear BREEEEZE GIRL (What is the) Love and Pop EMI
Bloc Party Ion Square Intimacy Atlantic
The Postal Service Nothing Better Give Up Sub Pop
Fictionalist time to time Lasting Echo tinderbox
Pacific Theater Wicked Fire Animals at night Whale Heart
Jaga Jazzist The Thing Introduces One Armed bandit Ninja Tune
Pacific Theater Stopwatch Animals at Night Whale Heart
Rogue Wave Good Morning Permalight Brushfire
Los Campesinos In Medias Res Romance is Boring Arts and Crafts
Holden Ce que je suis Fantomatisme village vart
Impactist Parallelostory Parallelostory Impactist
Death Cab For Cutie Crooked Teeth Plans Sub Pop
The Hiatus Unicorn Trash We'd Love For Life Music
Anna Tsuchiya Rose NANA Soundtrack Mad Pray
Boy Eats Drum Machine We make our own Light Hoop and Wire Tender Loving Empire

Elephant, Some Bread, You and Me

La Rabia
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Mellow beats, jazzy chillouts, coffee jams