Bearcave Radio on Tue 3/2/10

Cliff did his third sit in! Let's give him a round of applause

Artist Title Album New
Portugal The Man The Dead Dog
King Khan and BBQ Show Crystal Ball
Sunset Rubdown They Took A Vote and Said No
Crystal Stilts The Dazzled Alight of Night
Air Be a Bee Love 2
Eels Gone Man End Times
Violet Vecter and the Lovely Lovelies What's Going on in Your WorldViolet Vecter and the Lovely Lovelies EP II
Dangerous Ponies When You're in Town Dr. Ponie Medicine Ponie
Rjd2 Tin Flower The Colossus
J-Dilla Blaze Up
The Greasy Moose Irrational Breakbeat
Built to Spill Aisle 13 There is No Enemy
The Lovely Feathers Frantic Hind Hind Legs
The Octopus Project Moon Boil Golden Beds EP
Dinosaur Feathers Vendela Vida Fantasy Memorial
Giraffes? Giraffes! A Quick One, While She's Away More Skin With Milk-Mouth
Antelope The Demon Reflector
Roland Alphonso and Soul Venders From Russia With Love Original Club Ska
Charlotte Gainsbourg Trick Pony IRM
Atlas Sound Shelia Logos`
The Mary Onettes Symmetry
The Antles Bear
Andrew Bird The Naming of Things
Shearwater Black Eyes
Seabear Lion Face Boy
The Extraordinaires Hi-Five the Cactus

Bearcave Radio

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One frosty morn Nick was born deep in a den... half man, half bear. Ostracized from the bear community and shunned from the humans, he wandered cold and all alone for years. As luck would have it, he nested down one winter in the bowels of the Creese student center, unaware that his new found den also housed a radio station. Asked by a scruffy looking man wearing flannel if he'd be interested in having a show, Nick gladly accepted, ecstatic that he had found a place that would take him in. After several feverish hours spent learning what music was and how to speak english, Bear Cave Radio was born.