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NEXT WEEK 3/11 – THE MONTHLY VISITOR'S "SPOTLIGHT ON: LAW AND ORDER" (rescheduled from prior blizzard cancellation)

NEXT NEXT WEEK 3/18 – POST-ST. PATRICK'S SKULL CLANGER MORNING (more of a personal problem)

THE WEEK AFTER THAT 3/25 – SPECIAL "CHICKINS DEN EDITION" (featuring Kyle & Mike of The Chickins)

Artist Title Album
Teenbeats Strength of a Nation
Homosexuals Hearts in Exile
Cro-Mags Hard Times
The Essex Curfew Lover
Infants Giant Girl in the 5th Grade
Lobby Loyde George
Descendents Myage
The Fall 2 x 4
Henry Rollins Nick Cave: Diplomat (7.13.84 – GET IN THE VAN)
The Dream Syndicate Halloween
Silver Apples Ruby
Butthole Surfers Jimi (2nd half)
Thee Headcoats He's So Popular with the Girls
Electric Eels Accident
Cramps Sunglasses After Dark ('79 Chilton demo)
Deviants Broken Biscuits
The Velvet Underground 1969 radio promo for s/t 3rd LP
Rude Kids Absolute Ruler
Equals She Lives for Today
Big Black He's A Whore
Cheap Trick He's A Whore
Stooges Down on the Street
Kraftwerk Kristallo
Chickins Chickins Shack
Blues Control Good Morning
Victims Television Addict
Chefs Food
Visitors Rocket Me Home
Birds of Maya Heavy on Sunday
GG Allin 11/84 radio interview on WERS 88.9 FM
Cockney Rejects I'm Not A Fool
U.K. Subs New York State Police
Flux of Pink Indians Tube Disaster
Adolescents Kids of the Black Hole
Woven Bones Grown Crazy


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