Dance Like You're 4 Years Old, Even If You're Only 3½ on Mon 3/8/10

Artist Title Album
Alma Zenekar Tudom En Mar Mit Csinalok
Kimya Dawson I love you sweet baby
Justin Roberts Pop Fly
Ella Ja Aleksi Talvihomma
Ralph Covert Banana Seat Bike
Terri Hendrix Eagles
Elizabeth Mitchell Car Car
Terrible Twos Watch Out for Lions
Terrible Twos Oneplusoneistwo
Victor Johnson This Old Man
Arrah and the Ferns Bundle Up
Laura Freeman I Hear the Music
Father Goose Panama
Leadbelly Julie Ann Johnson
Dan Zanes & Friends Thrift Shop
The Extraordinaires Patent Pending
Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard Bugs & Flowers
St. Mannequins Dinosaurs
Midtown Dickens Tambourine
Taj Mahal Don't you push me down
Franck Monnet Goutez-Les
Tall Tall Trees Bubble Gum
Elizabeth Mitchel Butterfly

The Ocean Won't Stop

This program is not on the schedule.
Sunday 7-8pm
Monday 12-1pm
Bugs, Flower, Shells and Other pretty little things.