Unconscious Compositions on Mon 3/8/10

Artist Title Album New
The Slip Jam>Soft Machine Live
Stanley Clark Life Is Just a Game School Days
The Disco Biscuits On Time (Eliot Lipp Remix) On Time EP
Galactic Cineramascope Ya-Ka-May
Cuddle Magic Whole Set Live on WKDU
Ernest Gonzales Self Awakening Been Meaning To Tell You
Javelin Oh! Centra No Mas
Bumblebee Unlimited I Got a Big Bee Bob Blank - The Blank Generation
Boy Eats Drum Machine Syncopated Hoop & Wire

Unconscious Compositions

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  • Monday 1-3pm
Tune in and get psychedelic with DJ Jim. Diggin deeper and deeper into his archives, every week will surely be a heady ear candy crystaly treat. Mmmmmmm - Tuesdays on WKDU, baby.
Progressive Rock
Fusion Jazz