Usual Revolution and Then Some on Tue 3/9/10

Artist Title Album Label New
Sea Bear Lion Faced Boy We Built a Fire
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Where was My brain The Brutalist Bricks Matador
Sea Bear Cold Summer We built a Fire
Zeus Kindergarden Say Us Arts and Crafts
Pavement Mellow Jazz Docent The Best of Quarantine The Past Matador
Bears of Blue River Betty Homemaker Killer Bee Scare tinderbox
Clazziquai Project Spinning the World (voice remix) Mucho Mix Fluxus
C.N. Blue Now Or Never Bluestory F&C Music Korea
Grizzly Bear Two Weeks Veckatimest Warp
The Little Ones Lovers Who Uncover Sing Song Chop Shop
LEMS Globe Trotter (no. 9 remix) Ping Pong Box Infas Music
Cubesato Hello? Whitecrest Avex
Zeus Marching Through your Head Say Us Arts and Crafts
Bears of Blue River Me, me, me Killer Bee Scare Tinderbox
Animal Kingdom Good Morning Signs and Wonders Warner Bros.
The morning Benders Cold War Big Echo Rough Trade
Sea Bear Wooden Teeth We Built a Fire
Pavement Cut Your Hair Quarantine The Past: Best Of Matador
Avengers in Sci-Fi Dance to the Future Avengers in Sci-fi Victor
Base Ball Bear レモンスカッシュ感覚 What is the (Love and Pop) EMI
Capsule Love or Lies Liar Game OST Contemode
Anna Tsuchiya Lucy NANA OST Mad Pray
The pains of being young at heart Young adult friction Young Adult Friction Slumberland
Rock'a'trench My Sunshine Action! Warner Bros.
Clazziquai Project Fill this night (paradox remix) Beat in Love Fluxus
Death Cab For Cutie I was a Kaleidescope The Photo Album Barsuk
Phonebooth Got a Chance The way to live on
Boy Eats Drum Machine We make our own light Hoop + Wire Tender Loving Empire

Elephant, Some Bread, You and Me

La Rabia
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