everything i own is broken or bent on Thu 3/18/10

ive missed the hell out of you my darlings. were playing new music tonight. and were playing the germs. and were playing that fucking long song of the new AFCGT record. literally happening right now.

Artist Title Album New
lungfish sphere of influence sound in time
Mi Ami dreamers Steal Your Face
Dum Dum Girls bhang bhang, i'm a burnout I Will Be
jawbox apollo amateur my scrapbook of fatal accidents
Pierced Arrows ain't life strange Descending Shadows
Fucked Up dangerous fumes Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009
germs richie dagger's crime mia: complete anthology
Eddy Current Suppression Ring walked into a corner Rush To Relax
Teenage Moods attic years S/t EP
AFCGT two legged dog AFCGT LP + 7"
true if destroyed synapses firing true if destroyed
hue blanc's joyless ones notoriety fait accompli
hue blanc's joyless ones auto erotic uh fixation fait accompli
Angry Serfs carpel tunnel vision Livin' In The 00's
black flag my war my war
velocity girl living well copacetic
Overnight Lows second guess City Of Rotten Eyes
Black Tambourine black car S/T
swell maps gunboats a trip to marineville

everything i own is broken or bent

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