Artist Title Album Label New
Pack No Show
Gestures Run Run Run
Bears On Me
The Fall I Feel Voxish
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Spinning Round
Thee Headcoats Hoping
Pedestrians Walk It
Dick Damage and the Dilemma Do the Winklepicker
Frankie and the Flames Adam and Eve
Squad 8 Pounds A Week
Lamps Eliseo
The Normal T.V.O.D.
Puncture Mucky Pup
Tits We're So Glad Elvis Is Dead
Les Dogs 19
Los Paranos Le Sureau
Dry Rib Quail Seed (demo)
The Golden Dawn Starvation
Third World War Stardom Road Part II
Jimmy Jukebox Motorboat
Dennis Brown Fire from the Observer Station
Pretty Mustache in your Face
Musical Janeens Glenn Miller And His Contemporary Intimacies Meets The Musical Janeens Uptown With A Packet Of Jellies And A Caribbean Monolith
Piranhas Virginity
Riots I Can Go On
Remo Voor Frogrammer
Clockcleaner Vomiting Mirrors
Negative Trend Meathouse
Ijax All Stars Soundcheck
Cramps Mystery Plane ('79 Alex Chilton demo)
Lamps Niels Bohr Was An Excellent Ping Pong Player 7" Dull Knife
Satan's Rats You Make Me Sick
Rudimentary Peni Nothing But A Nightmare
The Fall Fortress/Deer Park
Ronnie Ray's Playboys The Vulture
PiL Go Back
Zoo Hard Times, Good Times
Ramones Rockaway Beach
Chunky Albatross


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