Music that Kills Puppies on Mon 4/5/10

Covering for Kim Kelly as well.
Interview with Matt Drake from Evile.

Artist Title Album Label New
High on Fire Fire, Flood, & Plague Snakes for the Divine
Priestess Trapped in Space & Time Prior to the Fire
Bison B.C. Primal Emptiness of Outer Space Quiet Earth
Black Cobra Sugar Water Bestial
Black Tusk Beneath Split w/ Holy Mountain
Lair of the Minotaur Riders of Skullhammer, We Ride the Night Evil Power
Red Sparowes Giving Birth to Imagined Saviors The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer
Inter Arma The Calm Before the Shitstorm Split /w Battlemaster
Battlemaster This Mead is Making Me Warlike Warthirsting & Winterbound
Evile Nosophorous Infected Nations
Overkill Bring me the Night Ironbound
Kreator Impossible Brutality Enemy of God
Heathen Undone The Evolution of Chaos
Vektor Forests of Legend Black Future
Arsis A Diamond for Disease A Diamond for Disease
Amon Amarth Asator With Oden on Our Side
Gates of Ishtar The Silence A Bloodred Path
In Flames Dead Eternity The Jester Race
Unanimated Ruins Ancient God of Evil
Eucharist Mirrorworlds Mirrorworlds
Dimension Zero Through the Virgin Sky Penetrations from the Lost World
Ihsahn The Barren Lands After
Borknagar Havoc Universal
Shining 21st Century Schizoid Man Blackjazz
Bastard Sapling Track 01 Live Demo
Bastard Sapling Track 02 Live Demo
Amebix Spoils of Victory Arise!

Music that Kills Puppies

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Big Balls, Bigger Riffs.

I command you to listen to Music that Kills Puppies. And, no, I don't mean the music Michael Vick listens to. Scare away your friends and family with music that your grandma thinks sounds like hedge-clippers. Not bound by stigma, creed, or ethos; a potent mix of the most hellish music this world has to offer.