Talk of the Town on Mon 4/19/10

Artist Title Album Label New
The Body The City of the Magnificent Jewel S/T
Negativland Christianity is Stupid A New Album From...
Dirt Side B Track 3 Never Mind the Dirt, Here's the Bollocks
Discharge Drunk With Power Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
Poison Idea Lifestyles Kings of Punk
Los Crudos Asesinos
Witch Hunt ... As Priorities Decay This is Only the Beginning
FOD Houses Made For Mannequins Shatter Your Day
Violent Society Something's Going Wrong Split with Special Duties
Wally Kevin's Favorite Bucket Eric Clapton is Dead
DOA War War on 45
Leatherface My World's End The Stormy Petrel
Poison 13 Dangerous First You Dream...
J Church Eric Dolphy The Horror of Life
Plow United Lighters Goodnight Sellout
2.5 Children Children of the Cut-Off Song Anthology
The Abreacts Multinational S/T
The Saints Run Down Eternally Yours
Stiff Little Fingers Alternative Ulster
GBH This is not the Real World Perfume and Piss
Special Duties I Wish it Could be 77 Split with Violent Society
999 Action High Energy Plan
Angelic Upstarts Teenage Warning
Red Alert Smash Your Chains We've Got the Power
Cock Sparrer On An Island
Stage Bottles Hooligan Best Of
Blitz Someone's Gonna Die
Exploited Attack Attack/Alternative 45
Anti-Nowhere League Let's Break the Law I Hate People 45
Sham 69 Hersham Boys
Adverts Great British Mistake
Buzzcocks Ever Fallen in Love Singles Going Steady
Choking Victim Side A+B Squatter's Paradise

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You like gossip; we like gossip; everyone in this town likes gossip. Hear the dynamic duo, Charles, and Yoni, play the best and worst music you've ever heard while talking [bleep] about your friend's band. Talk of the Town. Every Sunday night at 12am to 3am. Listen: we're talking about you.