Dead Industry Radio on Tue 5/11/10

Tony absent. Made lots of jokes about his height and sexual orientation. Also, we killed it. Then Tony Arrived, and we stopped making jokes. Special Guest: Dad.

Artist Title Album New
Paint It Black Election Day Paradise
Dillinger Four Noble Stabbings!!! Situationist Comedy
Kudrow Blink-182 Reunion Lando
Alkaline Trio Steamer Trunk From Here To Infirmary
The Loved Ones The Bridge Build And Burn
Chinese Telephones I Can't Be Right Chinese Telephones
9:18 Tony's Favorite The Deep Dish EP
Dr. Dog Later Shame, Shame
Hot Water Music Sweet Disasters Caution
Latterman Yo Get Into It! No Matter Where We Go!
None More Black Oh There's Legwork Loud About Loathing
Operation Ivy Bankshot Energy
Trunks And Tails 15 Side Effects, 10 Of Which Are Death Upcoming 7"
Tigers Jaw I Saw Water Tigers Jaw
The Menzingers Time Tables Chamberlain Waits
Everyone Everywhere I Feel Fine Everyone Everywhere
Lighten Up Absolutely Not Absolutely Not
Algernon Cadwallader Katie's Conscience Live on WKDU
Screeching Weasel Burnout Girl How To Make Enemies And Generally Irritate People
The Methadones Starting Line This Won't Hurt
30 Foot Fall It's Still Rock And Roll To Me Acme-143
The Measure (SA) Murderous Bugs With Giant Needle Knives One Chapter In The Book
The Hold Steady Our Whole Lives Heaven Is Whenever
Digger Feeling What I'm Thinking Monte Carlo
Bigwig Still Slay Asleep
Lifetime Northbound Breakdown Lifetime
Lifetime Airport Monday Morning Lifetime
Lifetime Just A Quite Monday Morning Lifetime

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