Bittersweet Agony on Sat 5/15/10

Artist Title Album New
High on Fire The Path Snakes for the Divine
Blackhole Tides Dead Hearts
The Chariot Giveth Wars and Rumors of Wars
War Pigs Breathing Fire Degeneration
Goblin Cock The Crusher Bagged and Boarded
Gallows Death Voices Grey Britain
Uphill Battle Means to an End Blurred 1999-2004
Lightning Bolt Assassins Wonderful Rainbow
Biffy Clyro Bodies in Flight The Vertigo of Bliss
These Arms are Snakes Seven Curtains Tail Swallower and Dove
Converge Worms Will Feed Axe to Fall
Burst Rain Prey on Life
Young Widows The Charmers Settle Down City
Eyehategod Masters of Legalized Confusion Dopesick
Pissed Jeans Dream Smotherer King of Jeans
Boots with Spurs Heavyweights The Sun Never Sets on Andy Griffith Pt. 1 and These Boots were Made for Moonwalking
Narrows Gypsy Kids New Distances
Glassjaw Siberian Kiss Everything You Ever Wanted to Know Silence
The Magnificent Duke The Red and the Number The Magnificent Duke
Cult of Luna Finland Somewhere Along the Highway
Disappearer Etched The Clearing
Holy Fuck P.I.G.S Latin
And So I Watched You From Afar Solidarity Goes A Long Way And So I Watched You From Afar
East of the Wall Unwanted Guest i Farmer's Almanac
East of the Wall Unwanted Guest ii Farmer's Almanac
Pelican Geometry of Murder (Earth Cover) Ephemeral
Long Distance Calling Swallow the Water Satellite Bay

Bittersweet Agony

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Prog Rock, Sludge Metal, Instrumental, Experimental. Let's experience the beauty of musically-induced melancholy together. Tune in with Ebonie and expand your horizon.
Post Hardcore