Raw Nuggets and Rough Diamonds on Mon 5/17/10

Artist Title Album
James Blake Air & & Lack Thereof Air & & Lack Thereof
Zoot Woman Lust Forever Things Are What They Used To Be
I Monster Daydream In Blue These Are Our Children
Boards Of Canada Aquarius Music Has The Right To Children
Bibio Jealous Of Roses Abivalence Avenue
Jimmy Edgar I Wanna Be Your STD Color Strip
Squarepusher Port Rhombus Big Loada
Pivot Colorado Warp 20
Shpongle Divine Moments Of Truth Are You Shpongled?
Portishead Wandering Star Dummy
Plaid Manyme Double Figure
Sebastian Robot Rock Remix
El-P Slow Sex (Love Theme) Collecting The Kid
Birdy Nam Nam Aabbesses Birdy Nam Nam
Ricci Rucker Loui Lopez Sketch Bok
Data Rapture Ever Better
Theives Like Us Drugs In My Body Skywriter
IAMX Bring Me Back A Dog The Alternative
Spirit Fingers Four Tet Rounds
Sinichi Osawa Electro411 The One

Raw Nuggets and Rough Diamonds

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