Dead Arm on Tue 5/18/10

Cut it

Artist Title Album New
Wasted Youth You're a Jerk Demo
Toxic Reasons Break the Bank Killed By Remote Control
Negative Trend I Got Power Tooth and Nail
The Flesh Eaters Pony Dress Tooth and Nail
Adolescents Losing Battle The Adolescents
FEAR Battle Again Have Another Beer With Fear
1 2 3 4 Urban Guerrillas Attack of the Heat Seeking Moisture Missles
Randoms Abcd Dangerhouse, Vol. 2
The Gordons Adults and Children 1st + Future Show
Slaughter & The Dogs You're a Bore Do It Dog Style
Savage Beliefs Pink Shirt The Moral Efficiency of Savage Beliefs
The Razors No Brains The Razors
Randy Rampage Cheap Tragedies 1981 EP
Naked Raygun Rat Patrol Huge Bigness
Nadsat Rebel Bounty Code Blue
Nadsat Rebel Nosferatu Code Blue
Out of Order Concerned Code Blue
Out of Order Survival of the Fittest Code Blue
The Effigies Strongbox Haunted Town
Big Black Texas Code Blue
Rights of the Accused Fuck Up Code Blue
Charles Bronson Chicago Complete Discocrappy
Attitude Adjustment Bombs End the War Zone Comp
Blight Blight Meathouse Compilation
Bollocks Riot on the Rockers Meathouse Compilation
Capitol Punishment Clovis Meathouse Compilation
Crucifucks Hinkley Had A Vision Meathouse Compilation
Delinquents Metalhead Meathouse Compilation
Gorilla Biscuits Competition Start Today
J.F.A. Out of School J.F.A.
Impact Unit Complain Boston Hardcore
Toxic Reasons No Pity Killed By Remote Control
L A'rm Only Reality End the War Zone Comp
Law & Order Money Meathouse Compilation
Mecht Mensch Gov't Lies Meathouse Compilation
Minutemen Spilt Red Meathouse Compilation
Mob Hit & Run Meathouse Compilation
Homostupids R Companion Night Deacon
Leather Inanna Altar Anchorite
Negative Element National Socialism Meathouse Compilation
Pillsbury Hardcore Ready to Fight End the Warzone Comp
Radical Left LA LA Meathouse Compilation
Rebel Truth Think About It Meathouse Compilation
Savage Circle We Don't Have Meathouse Compilation
Leather Prince of the Salon Anchorite
Scapegoats I Like the Street Meathouse Compilation
Tar Babys New Poor Meathouse Compilation
Social Suicide Foul Appetite Mixed Nuts Don't Crack
AK-47 The Badge Means You Suck This Badge Means You Suck
Minor Disturbance So What Back on Track
The Teen Idles Teen Idles Minor Disturbance EP
Sluggo Suburban Haven Sluggo
Suburban Mutilation Menachen Begin Code Blue
Urban Waste No Hope Urban Waste
White Cross Suburbanite Fascist EP
The Teen Idles Fiorucci Nightmare Minor Disturbance EP
Red Transistor Not Bite
Youth Brigade Full Speed Ahead Possible EP
Fast Cars The Kids Just Wanna Dance
The Dils You're Not Blank I Hate the Rich b/w You're
Bad Brains
SS Decontrol
Circle Jerks Back Against the Wall Group Sex
Circle Jerks Beverly Hills Group Sex
Child Abuse Live Too Fast Bring It
The F.U.'s Preskool Dropout This Is Boston, Not L.A.
XRay Spex I am a Poseur
YDI Get Up and Fight/Zombie Youth A Place in the Sun EP

Dead Arm

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Punks in the garage, and in the basement. Tune in for classic punk, hardcore, and alternative mess. Featuring regular rotations of new finds and old favorites. I need my tonsils removed.
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