Irrelephant on Fri 5/21/10

First show, locked out of the station for a good 10 minutes into the show, thank god for megaseg!

Artist Title Album New
Algernon Cadwallader Katie's Conscience Some Kind of Cadwallader
Street Smart Cyclist Hoods Up Demo
Fang Island Daisy Fang Island
Maps and Atlases You and Me and The Mountain You and Me and the Mountain
Like Bells Follow The Birds Palma
Jet Set Sail Magnet Mountain Magnet Mountain
This Town Needs Guns Quetzal Animals
This Town Needs Guns Panda Animals
RX Bandits Epoxi-Lips And The Battle begins

The Shuffle

This program is not on the schedule.
Thursday 1-2pm
Friday 1-3pm
Wednesday 12-2pm
Wednesday 12-2pm
Friday 9-10am
Like you hit the shuffle button in my head.