Dead Industry Radio on Tue 5/25/10

No Nick this week. Dad filled in and took his spot, he played some great songs. Pat0 played only bands he has seen in the last two weeks. He sucks. Also, lots of Simpsons songs and references.

Artist Title Album New
The Simpsons Meet The Flintstones Songs in the Key of Springfield
None More Black Drop The Pop File Under Black
Cheap Girls All My Clean Friends My Roaring 20s
Kudrow Commutilation! Lando 7"
Saves The Day Bones Sound The Alarm
Elvis Costello Lip Service This Year's Model
The Vandals I Know, Huh? Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
Modern Life Is War D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S. Witness
No Harm Done A Radio With Guts Escape
The Measure Dullards and Dreadful Pose Split 7" with The Ergs!
Lemuria Ozzy Ozzy 7"
RVIVR Cold In Your Bones RVIVR
P.S. Eliot Bear Named Otis Living In Squalor 7"
Lagwagon Change Despair Let's Talk About Feelings
Less Than Jake Goodbye To Gasoline B Is For B-Sides
The Simpsons Mr. Plow Songs in the Key of Springfield
Captain We're Sinking Gunner Merring Will Have His Revenge It's A Trap 7"
Omar Jumping Jacks I'm Not Mad, I'm Just Mad That Your Mad
The Holy Mess A Soulful Punk Tune About A Working Class Dreamer Benefit Sesh 7"
Glocca Morra Bedford Avenue Greek Favourites Split
Glocca Morra New Years Eve(I) Greek Favourites Split
The Greek Favouries My Pet Lobster Grounded
The Simpsons Happy Birthday Mr. Burns Songs in The Key of Springfield
Ramones I Just Want To Have Something To Do Road To Ruin
Dillinger Four Portrait of The Artist as a Fucking Asshole Midwestern Songs Of The Americas
NOFX Vincent Counting Sheep
Sleepies Hypochondriac Blues Sleepies
Young Livers Finger To The Pulse Of Misery And Toil
Kid Dynamite Heart A Tact Cheep Shots, Youth Anthems
The Get Up Kids Action & Action Something To Write Home About
The Sidekicks Plans Weight Of Air
The Misfits Horror Business Collection 1
The Simpsons Caynonaro Songs in the Key of Springfield

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