Dead Arm on Tue 6/8/10

this place sucks.

Artist Title Album New
Jack Tragic and the Unfortunates I Kill Hippies I Kill Hippies
Nervous Eaters Get Stuffed Just Head
Max Load X-Rod X-Rod
X-X 1980 X-X
News That Girl That Girl/ I'm So Confused
The Essentials Turn Off Your Radio Fast Music in a Slow Town
DV8 Learn to Say Goodbye DV8
Ducky Boys I Wanna Be A Mercenary Mercenary EP
Leather Inanna Altar Anchorite
Leather Prince of the Salon Anchorite
The Panics Kill It (Before It Multiplies) The Panics
TT Garderob 100 Mitt Liv TT Garderob 100
Tampoffs Minor Tampoffs
Minor Threat Bottled Violence First 2 7"s
Black Flag White Minority The First Four Years
Minor Disturbance Shut Up Back on Track
The Freeze Creeping Psychosis Freak Show
J.F.A. Preppy We Know You Suck
Teenage Depression Speed Punk Sucks Skank or Die EP
Violent Children Culture Sucks Violent Children
Violent Children Skate Straight Rock Against Spindlers
The Stains Violent Children SST LP
Violent Children Poison Breath Rock Against Spindlers
Violent Children Hilton Violent Children EP
The Teen Idles Sneakers Minor Disturbance EP
D.I. The Saint Team Goon
Suicidal Tendencies I Shot the Devil Suicidal Tendencies
Angelic Upstarts Shotgun Solution Angelic Upstarts
Gauze Shot A Farewell to Arms
Magazine Shot by Both Sides No Thanks!
Heart Attack Shotgun God is Dead EP
Naked Raygun Treason Huge Bigness
YDI 1983 A Place in the Sun EP
Leather The Sportsman Anchorite
Leather Anchorite Anchorite
F/S Eleven and a Bucket F/S
F/S Jungle Music F/S
Thee Oh Sees Schwag Rifles The World's Lousy With Ideas Vol. 8
Homostupids R Companion Night Deacon EP
Homostupids The Donovan (chop chop chop) Night Deacon EP
Blank Dogs Ages Ago The World's Lousy With Ideas Vol. 8
The Now Into the 80's The Now
The Mentally Ill Soldier 19 Sex Cells
Really Red Starvation Dance Depise Moral Majority
United Mutation I Know a Place Fugitive Family
Last Rights Chunks Last Rights
The Stains I'm Normal SST LP
The Germs What We Do Is Secret M.I.A.
Circle Jerks Behind the Door Group Sex
Adolescents Democracy The Adolescents
Wasted Youth Teenage Nark Demo
Youth Brigade Wrong Decision Possible EP
Agnostic Front Fight United Blood EP
Gorilla Biscuits Good Intention Start Today
The Mob 101 Upset the System
Project X Where It Ends Straight Edge Revenge
The Teen Idles No Fun Flex Your Head
Meat Puppets Foreign Lawns Meat Puppets EP
Reflex From Pain Urban Decay Black and White

Dead Arm

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Punks in the garage, and in the basement. Tune in for classic punk, hardcore, and alternative mess. Featuring regular rotations of new finds and old favorites. I need my tonsils removed.
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