Dead Industry Radio on Tue 6/8/10

Special guest Pete. Many Dad related questions. Lots of awful songs. :( Promise we will try harder next week.

Artist Title Album New
The Replacements I Will Dare Let It Be
Banner Pilot Pensacola Collapsar
The Hold Steady Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night Seperation Sunday
MxPx GSF Let It Happen
The Methadones Starry Eyes 21st Century Power Pop Riot
The Gaslight Anthem Old White Lincoln The 59 Sound
Screaming Females Bell Power Move
Saves The Day A Drag In D Flat Ups and Downs
Kaiser Cheifs Na Na Na Na Naa Employment
After The Fall Decapitate Fort Orange
Young Livers A Shortness of Breath Of Misary and Toil
The Sidekicks Static Mouth Weight Of Air
The Bouncing Souls Quick Check Girl Maniacal Laughter
Tim and Eric Sports Tim and Eric
Merced River Arrival a measure
Ceasefire Towers Rise When Empires Fall
Spraynard Are You Ladies Familar With The Work of Zac and Cody Split w/ Captain We're Sinking
Tigers Jaw Jet Alone Split w/ Balance And Composure
The Holy Mess It All Happened In A Ford Winstar DISMOUNT
The Menzingers Mea Culpa Cabbana I Was Born EP
Glocca Morra Bedford Avenue Split w/ Greek Favourites
Glocca Morra New Years Eve Split w/ Greek Favourites
Algernon Cadwallader Foggy Mountain Fun 7 inch
RVIVR Edge Of Living RVIVR
Pinhead Gunpowder Crazy Horse Compulsive Disclosure
Smoking Popes Mrs. You and Me Angus Soundtrack
Off With Their Heads Drive In Desolation
Chinese Telephones It's Starting Again Chinese Telephones
Kid Dynamite K05-0564 Kid Dynamite
Propagandhi Iteration Potemkin City Limits

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