Knight-Majik on Sun 6/27/10

I am doing my show and filling in for Katie from 7 - 8 pm.

Artist Title Album New
Build An Ark World Peace Now Love Part 1
Haki R. Madhubuti & Nation Black Man Rise Vision Comin
Kamau Daaood Leimert Park Leimert Park
The Invisible Session I Knew the Way History Of Schema Coisa Mais Linda
Michael White The Blessing Song Freaking On Sunshine: 1970s Psyche Folk Hippie Jazz
Whitefield Brothers f/ Bajka Joyful Exaltation Earthology
Build An Ark Celebrate Love Part 1
Fertile Ground Colors of The Night Perceptions
Jaz'presso There Is No Meaning The Blak's Lair Family presents Jazzinvasiatics
Bernie Worrell Killer Mosquito Improvisczario
Belladonna Spiritual Trane (Original Mix) Soulful Latin House
Yukihiro Fukutomi Brazilia Brazilia EP
Nu Tropic Revolucion Kingdom of Love
Jazzinvaders Sea of Lies (original) Socialized JazzBeats
Terry Callier What Color Is Love What Color Is Love
Jon Lucien Esperanza Best of Jon Lucien
Sun Circle If You Speak Reborn
[re:jazz] Written In The Stars (Atjazz Remix) Electrified
Fila Brazillia Bumpkin Riots Power Clown
Fela! (Original Broadway Cast Upside Down Fela! (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
Arthur Verocai Karina [Domingo no Grajau] Arthur Verocai
Chico Freeman Illas ( Eejas ) Kings of Mali
The Crusaders Lilies Of The Nile Southern Comfort
Andy Bey Tune Up Experience And Judgment
Fertile Ground My Friend The Moon Perceptions
Bigboy's Honor Eh Leigh Beyond Reproach
Billy Higgins Morning Awakening Mr. Billy Higgins
Build An Ark Sunflowers in My Garden Love Part 1
Nu Tropic f/ Marya The kingdom Within You Kingdom of Love
Michael White Let Love Be Your Magic Carpet The X Factor
Low Fidelity Jet-Set Orchestra Kebab's Revenge Searching For A Bit Of Popularity
Kahil El'Zabar & Kemit Sources Our Time Is Now (IG Culture Remix) Deeper Soul Remix Project
Smith & Mighty Smith & Mighty Funk
Abicah Soul f/ Johnny JM Nature (Original Mix) Nature EP
Songstress See Line Woman (Muted Relaxation) See Line Woman (Muted Relaxation) EP
Cecile Bredie Lounge Music Lounge Music EP
Blaze Never Can Get Away Basic Blaze


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  • Sunday 10am-2pm
Knight-Majik, a blend of jazz, acid-jazz, Fusion, funk and soulful house. Music for those with a discerning ear, and are ready for something different with Al Knight and Perry McCotter Jr.