1100ccs of Hate covered by meghan on Sun 6/27/10

Artist Title Album Label New
Pink Reason Borrowed Time Pink Reason
No Age Teen Creeps Nouns
Mika Miko Take Hold C.Y.S.L.A.B.F.
Suicidal Tendencies Memories of Tomorrow Suicidal Tendencies
Adolescents Amoeba The Adolescents
Victims Perth is a Culture Shock All Loud on the Western Front
7 Seconds I Hate Sports Skins, Brains, and Guts EP
Offs Die Babylon V/a Can You Hear Me? Music from the Deaf Club
Deadbeats Dull Deadbeats
Leather The Sportsman Anchorite
Leather Anchorite Anchorite
Circle Jerks Wasted Group Sex
Red Cross I Hate My School Red Cross EP
Black Flag Nervous Breakdown The First Four Years
The Vandals Join Us for Pong The Vandals
Vast Majority God's Groin Vast Majority
Dicks Bourgeois Fascist Pig Dicks
The Urinals Last Days of Man on Earth Negative Capability... Check It Out
Reflex from Pain American Express Black and White
Fugazi Waiting Room 13 Songs
Disco Zombies Drums Over London Drums Over London
The Undertones Here Comes the Summer The Very Best of the Undertones
The Dickies You Drive Me Ape The Dickies
Career Suicide Cherry Beach Cherry Beach EP
The Dils You're Not Blank I Hate the Rich
Wire 12XU Pink Flag
D.R.I. On My Way Home Dealing With It
Reagan Youth (Are You) Happy? Youth Anthems for the New Order
J.F.A. Middle America We Know You Suck
Minor Threat Minor Threat First 2 7"
Gorilla Biscuits Sitting Around at Home Start Today
The Germs No God M.I.A.: The Complete Germs
The Adored Not Having It The Adored
Barry Kooda So Sorry V/a Are We Too Late for the Trend?
Cro-Mags World Peace Sign of the Times
Naked Raygun Rat Patrol Huge Bigness
Youth Brigade Barbed Wire Possible EP
Necros Peer Pressure IQ32
Government Issue Hey, Ronnie Flex Your Head
The Freeze I Hate Tourists I Hate Tourists
Jerry's Kids Desperate The Is Boston, Not L.A.
X-X 1980 X-X
Agent Orange America Living in Darkness
The Infants Giant Girl in the 5th Grade V/a Are We Too Late for the Trend?
Breakouts In Vagueness Deal In Vagueness Deal/Millirems
Really Red Starvation Dance Despise Moral Majority
D.O.A. That's Why I Am an Atheist Talk-action=0
D.O.A. Rebel Kind Talk-action=0
Homostupids R Companion Night Deacon
Homostupids The Donovan (chop chop chop) Night Deacon
U.X.A. Social Circle Tooth & Nail Comp

1100ccs of Hate

Jim Cavanagh
  • Sunday 10pm-12am
  • Sunday 10pm-12am
  • Sunday 10pm-12am
  • Sunday 10pm-12am
  • Sunday 8-10pm
  • Sunday 8-10pm
  • Sunday 8-10pm
  • Sunday 10pm-12am
  • Sunday 10pm-12am
  • Sunday 10pm-12am
  • Sunday 10pm-12am
  • Sunday 10pm-12am
  • Sunday 10pm-12am
  • Sunday 10pm-12am
  • Sunday 10pm-12am
  • Sunday 10pm-12am
  • Sunday 10pm-12am
Punk rock is dead and all your friends have become lawyers. Time to listen 1100 cc's of hate, Philadelphia's best underground punk/hardcore show still every Sunday night from 10pm to midnight, featuring the music you loved before you sold out.