Dead Industry Radio on Tue 6/29/10

Only Pat0 was here today, but with special guest Jake. Talked about Fest, Washington DC, and the geeks in the commuter lounge. I know Jason listened and that ruled. Sha'boy.

Artist Title Album New
The Sidekicks I Burned The Crops Sam 7"
Alkaline Trio San Francisco Goddammit
The Ergs! Fishbulb Dorkrockcordrod
The Copyrights 57 North Learn The Hard Way
Hot Water Music Remedy Caution
Dead To Me Splendid Isolation Splendid Isolation
Dillinger Four Thanks For Nothing Part 2 The Revenge Split W/ Pinhead Gunpowder
Bridge And Tunnel New Dialogue Indoor Voices
Desendents 'Merican Cool To Be You
The Gaslight Anthem The Diamond Church Street Choir American Slang
The Menzingers Home Outgrown Chamberlain Waits
Propaghandi Today's Empires Tomorrows Ashes Today's Empires Tomorrows Ashes
Kid Dynamite S.O.S Shorter, Faster, Louder
Off With Their Heads ZZYZX In Desolation
The Replacements The Ledge Pleased To Meet Me
The Lawrence Arms Brick Wall Views Apathy And Exhaustion
Ruiner Two Words Some Weird Comp
The Germs No God M.I.A
Ceremony Terminal Addiction Rohnert Park
The Hold Steady Constructive Summer Stay Positive
P.S. Elliot Tennessee Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds
The Flatliners Carry The Banner Cavalcade

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