Pretentious Film Majors covered by alessandro on Fri 7/2/10

Alessandro's 4th Sit In

Artist Title Album New
Couch Position: Wieder Eins Figur 5
Illscarlett NTF Clearly In Another Fine Mess
Stars We Don't Want Your Body The Five Ghosts
Stars Fixed The Five Ghosts
Everyone Everywhere Blown Up Grown Up Everyone Everywhere
Everyone Everywhere Fld Ovr Everyone Everywhere
Magic Bullets Lying Around
Jónsi Go Do Go
Hey Marseilles From a Terrace To Travel and Trunks
Katzenjammer A Bar in Amsterdam Le Pop
Delphic Clarion Call Acolyte
Matt & Kim Grand Matt & Kim
Univox Pi Univox
Hot Hot Heat Implosionastic Future Breeds
The Cat Empire The Car Song Cat Empire: Two Shoes
Streetlight Manifesto Such Great Heights 99 Songs of Revolution

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